HR Management Information Analyst for leading Financial Institution

HR Management Information Analyst for leading Financial Institution – £50-70k p.a + benefits and bonus

Job Description:

We are seeking a Management Information Analyst for a key position within the Centre of Expertise team for this leading financial institution.

The successful candidate will be responsible for ensuring that all processes relating to the development of people and the overall organisation are met through metrics and analytics.

This position is an integral part of the C of E team in that not only will this person be responsible for conducting detailed demographic related people analysis, but they will also focus on targeted areas such as competitor intelligence. These responsibilities will contribute to the identification of business priorities across the organisation and will subsequently aid key decision-making processes.

The role of the Management Information Analyst also involves the application of many specific, honed skills. Importantly the successful candidate must be able to effectively source data and evidence from a variety of internal and external sources in order to identify trends and successfully make accurate future predictions. These skills will be integral in delivering concise and relevant guidance that support the achievement of key objectives across the business.

This applicant must be able to communicate and build relationships at a range of different seniority levels. This will include the wider HR function aswell as front office and infrastructure units across the business. They will also be expected to take the lead in introducing innovative processes for which people and organisation information can be effectively communicated and connected.

An important responsibility of this role will also include providing reporting and analysis to business units and their senior analysts, in order to ensure that deliverables and deadlines are met. This partnering will also include extensive liaison with the HR MI team and include the promotion of best practice in the analytical process, implementation of effective information delivery chains, managing expectations of stakeholders and the overall effective support towards achieving stakeholder and business objectives.

Job Requirements:

Essential Skills:

  • Relationship management
  • Teamwork & Communication Skills
  • Strong analytical and reporting skills
  • Proven ability to partner with offshore teams
  • Ability to work within a highly pressurised environment
  • Ability to provide innovative solutions for achievement of business objectives


  • Extensive experience in a position focused on data analysis
  • Excellent knowledge of internal and external benchmarking and business intelligence
  • Experience working within a large, matrixed environment